How to get a building permit in Kyiv and region?

If you’re still thinking whether to build a new house or buy an already ready to redevelop or reconstruct, this article will help you…

The answer to this question is quite extensive and depends on what exactly is planned to build:

как получить разрешение на стройку киев
  • how to get permission to build kiev
  • Construction of a private (individual) residential house;
  • Construction of a garden dacha (summer cottage);
  • the erection of an apartment building (multi-storey building);
  • entertainment or shopping center (mall), office center,
  • Manufacturing facility (Factory, Plant, Workshop, Car Service, etc.).

Where will be placed the future building or facility:

  • The center of the city or its historic part,
  • soil properties on which the construction will be carried out, the data of geology and seismic activity.
  • Limitations on the number of floors, protective zones and other restrictions on construction

Next we describe the basic (fundamental) scheme of obtaining permits for construction in Kiev and Kiev region. There are a number of nuances, which may be principal in your case of construction. Therefore we recommend you to get a free initial consultation on the phone numbers listed below or come to the office of our company GlobalBud Yukrain. At the moment the following construction and legal requirements are in force in Ukraine.

For legal start of building works (not depending on residential or non-residential object) on the reconstruction, construction, redevelopment, retrofit, modernization, etc. in 2021 in Kiev and region, you must obtain a building permit. Such a permit will soon begin issuing “DlM” (State Inspectorate of Mistobuduvannya). At the moment (January 2021) the organization does not work yet and the licensing documentation is still in the hands of DABI (State Architecture and Building Inspection). The colloquial name of this structure is GASK or GASI.

The developer may be a legal entity (construction company) or an individual. The rights of performers of construction work in terms of permits do not depend on ownership or management.

What types of construction work do you need a permit for?

  • For major repairs (overhaul);
  • For the restoration of cultural objects;
  • For the construction of new structures and buildings (greenfield construction)
  • For the technical conversion of buildings and structures
  • For reconstruction of already constructed construction objects.

Depending on the complexity and class of consequences (class nuslidkіv СС1-СС3) algorithm for obtaining a building permit and the requirements for design and technical documentation is different. The Law of Ukraine “About regulation of residential construction activities” describes the requirements for permissive documentation.

What documents are needed to obtain a construction permit in Kyiv?

Below we describe the general package of documents to be collected or developed for obtaining a construction permit – notification of the beginning of construction works (povidomlennya about the beginning of construction works). You can get more detailed information at free consultation in company GlobalBud Yukrain on the specified below telephones. And so, you will need the following documents:

  • Budivelny passport (Building passport) in case if the area of the house is less than 300 m2);
  • Mistobudivnye Conditions and Restrictions (City Building Conditions and Restrictions) if the area of the building is over 300 m2. You can get an MBU in the Department of Architecture of the city of Kiev, or in the relevant bodies of the Kiev region. Issued by the authorities of Architecture of Kyiv and Kyiv region;
  • Sketch design or working draft of the construction (depending on the class of CC1-CC3 “class naslidkiv”);
  • Technical supervision of construction;
  • Author’s supervision of construction;
  • Documents for the land (rental agreement or act of state or others) in the case of new construction or changed the external dimensions (configuration) of the structure;
  • Document confirming the belonging to the class of consequences (calculation of the class of consequences). The calculation is performed by the developer of the detailed design;
  • Statutory documents of the legal entity or a copy of a passport and TIN code of an individual;
  • Power of attorney (if necessary).
Разрешение на строительство Киев 3

Classes of consequences of buildings and structures

If you try to explain what class of consequences and how it is calculated, the “class of consequences” depends on the number of people who could potentially suffer directly or indirectly from the collapse of the building or facility. For example, if the garage will collapse, the number of victims, at a glance, 0-3 people, and if the “collapse” of the nuclear power plant, the number of victims will be counted in thousands.

The class of consequences is calculated by the chief engineer of the project and can be changed after the examination of the object.

  • CC1 (formerly the first and second consequence classes) is not a significant consequence class;
  • CC2 (formerly third and fourth class) minor consequences;
  • CC3 (formerly the fifth class of consequences) significant consequences.

The algorithm for obtaining construction documents in 2021 depends directly on the consequence class. Therefore, we recommend that you contact our company GlobalBud Yukrane to get a proper calculation of the consequence class.

Consequence classes and obtaining a permit

If your building or facility falls under class CC1, then the controlling body of architecture is filed (sent by letter or through CNAP) “notification about the beginning of the construction works”. Within a month the notice is registered in GASK and after that a unique number is given to it or the applicant is sent a refusal with indication of remarks to be eliminated. After eliminating the remarks, the notice can be filed again..

Construction work, in the case of filing “Povidomlennya”, can begin on the second day after the filing of documents.

If the class of your building is calculated as CC2, applications are also sent to the Building Inspectorate (DLM), but in this case requires developing working draft construction, and in some cases to pass state examination of the project (for details, you can specify in consultation).

If the construction class CC3, the following documents are collected and submitted:

  • application of a certain form with a signature and/or wet seal (for legal entities);
  • Copies of documents for the land (the state act, the contract of lease or use);
  • working draft with the necessary sections;
  • certificate of expertise;
  • a copy of the documents of title to the building, if the reconstruction;
  • A written consent from the owner of the building (if necessary);
  • The building contractor’s construction license (the original and a copy);
  • The agreement on the designer’s supervision of the project;
  • an agreement on technical supervision of the construction;
  • certified copies of the designer’s, designer’s and technical supervision certificates. Copies shall be certified by a notary.
  • power of attorney (if necessary).

SACC inspectors may verify the accuracy of the information provided by the developer. If the check reveals the distorted or untruthful data, the developer may be subject to administrative penalties (fines).

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is prohibited to perform construction works on a plot of land on which there is no title registered. You can apply to our company GlobalBud Yukrain for land titles.

Who and when can cancel a construction permit

  • The builder has independently submitted an application for cancellation;
  • The parameters of the building that are declared in the permit do not match those that are implemented (number of stories, purpose, location on the site, etc.);
  • during a planned or unplanned inspection by the building inspection significant violations or deviations from the design and the conditions and restrictions were revealed;
  • the applicant physical person-developer is missing or dead;
  • the legal entity-developer has ceased to exist;
  • other violations and deviations from the project.

Full list of grounds for cancellation of permits for construction are prescribed in the Law of Ukraine and can not be added to the “unauthorized wishes” Inspection or other regulatory authorities (in the future State Inspectorate of Mistobuduvannya).

Fines for unauthorized construction (self-building)

The list of penalties for violations of the law in the field of urban planning is enshrined in the Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts …” dated 17.01.2017. (№1817 VIII). For example, for unauthorized start of construction of a structure of class of consequences CC1 (a shed, a garage, a lean-to shed…) a fine of 16 000 hryvnia is stipulated. If the inspector finds a completed structure, the fine will be increased up to 32 000 UAH.

The fine for unauthorized construction from 2015 to 2021 amounts to 18 minimum wages and equals 57 600 UAH.

What is preparatory works?

The preparatory works may include: removal of communications, transfer of greenery, planning (changing) the landscape, fencing of the construction site. Preparatory work is performed during “large” construction. For example, before the main stage of construction of a multi-storey building begins, you need to move communications, level the construction site, fence off the future construction site, move trees and in the process fight off activists and Zelenostroy 🙂 😉 🙂 🙂 .

Sometimes, if there is a lot of preparatory work or it takes a significant amount of time, you get a separate permit for it.

Why turn to GlobalBud Yucrane?

Due to the stricter requirements for the performer of construction works and the increase in fines from the DABI, the need to have professional engineers and lawyers to provide documentation support for construction has increased. As experience shows, this saves money and time of the customer (not to mention the nerve cells). Our clients are both major international enterprises, such as “BASF”, construction companies “L-Quartal”, “Scandia”, and individuals (some reviews you can see on our site) who faced with the bureaucratic system of Ukraine.

We carry out as a complex documentary support of construction, and perform certain types of works. Call us! We will answer all your questions!

Permission for construction in Kyiv

The company GlobalBud Yukrein offers prompt issuance of permits for construction works. We work with all districts of Kiev and Kiev region. Engineering Department develops technical documentation, and specialists in issuance receive the necessary certificates and register the documents in the state authorities. We provide effective solutions for objects of any complexity.

The variants of permissions

Private low-rise buildings

  • Individual cottages and summer houses with the total area up to 300m2 and up to 2 levels high.
  • Domestic and outbuildings, garages.
  • Landscaping and landscaping elements.

No separate permit is required for this category of property. The procedure for obtaining a permit:

  • Ordering a building passport.
  • Preparation of designs.
  • Notification of the start of construction.

Buildings of I-III categories of responsibility (CC1).

The category does not include individual houses of up to 300 m2 and height of less than 2 levels. Restriction – erection of residential buildings up to 10 floors. Obtaining a construction permit – declaration of the beginning of works – is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  • Execution of written data on the site: the location of utilities and communications, the location of streets, the master plan of development.
  • Development and coordination of construction project in SACC.
  • Execution of designer’s and technical supervision over construction.
  • Notification of activities, which precede the start of construction works.
  • Registration of the document on the start of construction.

By law, you can start construction only after the registration of the declaration, which is registered in SACC.

Buildings of IV-V categories (CC2)

Разрешение на строительство Киев

Residential buildings over 10 floors, shopping malls, business centers, office buildings. To get a permit you need to:

  • Draw up initial data about the land plot.
  • Go through expert review of detailed design.
  • Submit an application to start the construction to the State Architecture and Construction Commission (SACC).
  • To issue a permit to begin construction. The procedure of obtaining a permit is set by decree of the Cabinet of Ministers No 466. The document is issued by territorial State Architectural and Architecture Department. The decision shall be made within ten days.

The IAMD may refuse to issue a permit if the documents submitted are not trustworthy or do not correspond to the legislation. Together with the refusal, an order with reasons for such a decision shall be issued. To register your documents the first time and to speed up the process of obtaining a permit, contact GlobalBud Yukrane. We know what complications arise and we can prevent them in advance!

Package of documents required to obtain a permit in Kyiv:

дозвіл на будівництво київ
  • Certificate of ownership, lease or superficies agreement for the land plot.
  • The approved project of construction.
  • Copies of certificates.
  • Copies of documents establishing who is responsible for construction, author and technical supervision.
  • Copies of certificates confirming qualifications of responsible persons.

For permission to reconstruct or restore, documents confirming ownership of the property are provided.

Benefits for our customers

  • Promptness. Experienced specialists will collect and check all necessary documents at short notice.
  • Comprehensive approach. We cooperate without intermediaries: we ourselves prepare technical documentation, we receive and register documents.
  • The official contract. We provide our services on the basis of an agreement stating all rights and obligations of the parties.
  • Fixed price. The cost of works is affirmed before the contract is signed and remains unchanged until the set goals are achieved.

We will get for you the documents, allowing you to build in Kyiv. Prepare design documents, carry out the necessary examinations, expeditiously obtain conclusions of the state bodies. Initial consultation is free. You can make an application on a site or by phone.

Permission for construction: who needs it and when

Before you start any kind of construction of buildings and structures of any purpose or their overhaul should obtain a construction permit.

These requirements are governed by Ukrainian legislation, namely the Law “On the Regulation of Urban Development” adopted back in 2011. It strictly describes that a permit must be issued when carrying out such works as:

  • erection of new buildings (this category does not include buildings of class of responsibility CC1, as well as private houses of no more than 300 sq. m.);
  • expansion of the already built complex (change of geometric dimensions of the building);
  • reconstruction of buildings and structures without changing the total area;
  • full or partial restoration of the structure.

It is allowed not to obtain this document in cases where the repair or restoration of the structure is necessary after the accident, or the resumption of the structures that are necessary for the comfortable residence of the population. In other cases, the conduct of any unauthorized construction and repair work is a prohibited action and is subject to legal penalties.

What documents should be collected

Before the beginning of any construction, whether a house or a public building, the customer must submit to the SACI (DABI) a list of documents for building permits, namely:

  • application of the specified sample for a construction permit in Kiev;
  • The document, in accordance with which the customer is the rightful owner of the land under construction;
  • The document, in accordance with which the customer is also the rightful owner of the building or other building on the territory of its land. If the house has another owner, then his permission to carry out any construction work on his property is required;
  • A ready-made design of the future building, coordinated and approved after its analysis;
  • Documents on the appointment of those responsible for construction, technical supervision and keeping a diary of the work performed;
  • Copy of the developer’s license for construction works.

The legislation of Ukraine clearly regulates all processes related to new construction works, if there is a construction permit.

If you decide to build a house that belongs to the class of responsibility with minor consequences (CC1), as well as an area of up to 300 square meters. m. and not more than 2 floors, you should obtain a building certificate from the local authorities in charge of the architecture of the city. After that, it is required to notify the Inspectorate of the SAI on the beginning of construction.

Collecting documents is quite a time-consuming process, which is best entrusted to professionals.

Stages of obtaining a construction permit

To the customer to issue a permit for the construction of buildings belonging to the second and third class of consequences (medium and significant), it is necessary to apply to the body of architecture at the location to obtain urban planning conditions and restrictions.

After that to develop design documentation in accordance with the technical conditions for design.

This task should also be performed by specialists authorized to perform such work.

After the finished project describing the work plan, its expertise should be ordered.

Next, the customer must apply to the SACI with an application for permission to build. The request is processed within 10 working days.

After receiving permission should inform the local administration within 7 calendar days. Such a procedure is required for construction of structures with moderate to major impacts that may result from violations of building codes.

At facilities with these types of consequences (CC2, CC3), the following number of people can be affected:

  • More than 50 people who are at the facility at all times;
  • more than 100 people who are visitors and regularly stay in the building.
  • Damage from improper construction can exceed the level of 2,500 minimum wages for the population.

Get a free consultation on obtaining a permit to begin construction work you can call or visit our office.

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