Checking real estate and land plot. Legalization of changes the purpose of real estate for the needs of your project.

Are you planning to invest in real estate in Ukraine? Then you should read on.

інвестування в Україну

Despite the fact that now there is a war in Ukraine, the interest of investors in investing in real estate in Ukraine does not decrease, because after the victory of Ukraine the value of real estate will increase dramatically, and the number of offers on the market will decrease.

We are increasingly approached by foreigners and their representatives with questions about how to check the property before buying and what is the procedure for changing the property and adapting it to a business project, as well as what restrictions exist for foreigners to own real estate in Ukraine.

One of the most popular ways to invest in real estate is to purchase real estate, adapt such property to a business project and then sell or lease it.

How to invest in real estate correctly?

We help our clients to

  • – change the purpose of the property from non-residential to residential (for example, studios and creative workshops are transformed into apartments, garden houses into residential houses) and vice versa from residential to non-residential (conversion of an apartment into an office, cafe restaurant, etc.)
  • – we divide houses, apartments into separate apartments and households and register the ownership of them
  • – combine several objects into one
  • – legalize extensions, changes of areas, attics, manards and basements

Our company employs a team of highly specialized specialists, so in addition to the above services, we will make the process of purchasing real estate easy and safe, in particular

  • – check the title documents for the property and the seller’s authority to dispose of the object
  • – check information on whether there are no restrictions, encumbrances and rights of third parties to real estate, in particular, arrests, prohibition to dispose of property
  • – in relation to land plots, we also check easements, imposition of protection zones of natural and artificial objects on the land plot, etc.
  • – check the information whether there are any litigations related to the property
  • – advise whether it is possible to change the intended purpose of the property to the desired one.

How to buy land in Ukraine for a non-resident?

Often investors are interested in purchasing a land plot with the subsequent change of purpose for construction. But there may be a number of factors that will not allow such a change, in particular, the belonging of the land to especially valuable land, the imposition of protection zones on the site or due to the peculiarities of the size of the shape or distance to neighboring buildings, the construction of the desired size or number of storeys is impossible. To calculate the probable risks and calculate the cost of changing the intended purpose in advance 

купити земельну ділянку нерезиденту

we collect information about the land plot, analyze all the initial data and provide you with recommendations on its acquisition and the possibility of using it in the future in accordance with your plans.

Due to the fact that our company employs engineers, land lawyers and specialists in real estate and construction, we will be able to provide you with answers, in particular, to the following questions

  • – whether there is a master plan of the settlement and a detailed plan of the territory in the city where you plan to build,
  • – what possible restrictions on construction may arise when obtaining urban planning conditions and restrictions,
  • – we will help to conduct geology, geodesy and draw up a development project
  • – find out restrictions on the use of the land plot
  • – find out the possibility of its division, merger or change of purpose,
  • – offer the best option for owning the specified land plot – purchase for an individual, legal entity, lease, etc.
  • – obtain permits for construction
  • – register the right of ownership

In addition, our lawyers will help you register a business in Ukraine, advise on tax legislation, and help you implement your business plan.

We guarantee

  • – easy and pleasant communication
  • – confidentiality
  • – fastest possible result

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